With the IMT system, billions of water droplets sprayed from the fogging nozzles are evaporated by taking the heat of the air, resulting in a decrease in the temperature and a relative humidity increase. The obtained cool and moist air is used to keep the greenhouse in the desired climatic conditions with team fog circulation fans, ventilation and control systems. In this way, the negative weather conditions for the plant (living creature) that can occur in the greenhouse are minimized. With decreasing temperature, when working conditions and more favorable conditions for plant growth occur, waste rates decrease and productivity increases.
The most important advantage of IMT systems is that the plants can provide the humidity they need without getting wet due to the fact that the water droplets sprayed at 100 bars and above are physically passing to the gas phase rapidly. In this way, curing and decay that may occur due to wetting are prevented.

The amount of water to be sprayed in the atmosphere is calculated by using the psychometric diagram according to the desired moisture content based on the maximum temperature and minimum humidity determined according to the climatic conditions of the geographical region.

The humidity of the air drops with the increase in temperature during the day. Humidity, which can be high in the morning and evening, is decreasing in the middle of the day and when the temperature is high, and plants in the greenhouse may be exposed to various climatic conditions during the day. The greatest advantage of greenhouses, however, is that they can be grown under climate conditions that can be controlled. With IMT systems it is possible to create the same climatic conditions throughout the day.

IMT Greenhouse

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