The plastic greenhouses projected by IMT are suitable for agricultural production of soil and landless. Depending to the needs of our customers, crops to be grown, regional climate conditions and feasibility calculations made by the budgetary means can be allocated, we can respond with our options of plastic greenhouse models.  The construction is very durable and resistant to corrosion. All used steel construction structural elements are hot dip galvanized material.

Since the structural material is made of galvanized steel, the clip bearings used in plastic and tulle assemblies are made with steel special clips that are the same as the greenhouse building material.

Thanks to this technique, the plastic and tulle materials are fixed to the greenhouse structure and the waterproofing properties and wind resistance of the greenhouse are excellent.

Thanks to its special design, the condensation waters that form on the plastic inner surface also have the ability to siphon on the plant and in the greenhouse with special dropper system.

IMT Greenhouse

Experience is Needed for Permanent Solutions and High Efficiency. Meet the quality Şemsettin LÖKOĞLU. IMT, which has been operating in the Automation Sector since 2000 makes Modern and Technological projects turnkey delivery to the agricultural sector with IMT Greenhouse Automation brand since 2013. Our company combines its experience in the sector with ...